Model Equity specializes in acquiring value-add multifamily properties in high quality locations across the US. We buy properties with our investors, improve the standards of living for the tenants by improving the property, and create a win-win situation for our tenants and our investors.

Our primary focus is to invest in markets that have high population growth, high rent growth, and growing economic drivers to bring passive investment opportunities in the top Real Estate markets to our investors.

How we do it

Follow the Data

Numbers never lie. We constantly keep our eyes on what’s happening to key metrics across the US to keep our pulse on the best states, regions, and neighborhoods to be invested in. We closely monitor data such as net migration patterns, job growth, household incomes, rent growth, housing appreciation, among many other things to choose the right locations to buy-in.

Build Broker Relationships

We constantly build relationships with brokers in our target markets to have a steady flow of off-market deals that never make it to the internet, giving us an edge in looking at deals ahead of others.

Analyze Deals

We have a full team of Real Estate analysts that’s full time job is to constantly analyze deals day in and day out to find properties where the numbers pencil out based on our business plans and conservative underwriting.

Due Diligence

Once we identify properties that meet our criteria, we visit properties in person and conduct an extensive due diligence process to audit the property financials, rent rolls, conduct property inspections, among many other things to have better insight into the property.

Present Investment Opportunity

After the due diligence period is done and we confirm the property matches our criteria, we then give our investors the opportunity to invest in the property. We explain the business plan we plan to implement for each property, along with projected returns. At this point investors get the opportunity to invest. 

Property Improvements

During the holding period of the property (normally 3-5 years), Model Equity actively works to follow the business plan and improve the property income to improve cash flow and increase the value of the property. 

Cash Flow

Our aim is to distribute cash flow within 2-6 months after acquisition of a property and have monthly cash flow distributed to investors for the duration of the holding period.

Tax Benefits

It’s no big secret that tax savings are one of the biggest reasons as to why people invest in Real Estate. We will provide K1’s every year so you can take full advantage of the tax benefits of Real Estate. We are not certified CPAs, please consult with your CPA to see if you qualify or benefit from Real Estate deprecation. 


Typically, we have an exit strategy after a 3 to 5 year holding period where we target a sale or refinance of the property to lock in any projected equity gains.


Rinse and repeat for maximum gains by reinvesting into other properties!