How to Get Off Market Deals in Real Estate?

One of the most important aspects of investing is having a source to get off market deals in Real Estate. Once you identify the right markets to invest in, the second step is to decide what type of deals you want to invest in, and then figuring out how to get deal flow that matches […]

Is NOW a Good Time to Buy Real Estate?

A lot of people are wondering if NOW is a good time to buy Real Estate. Here is the truth… Single family home prices largely depend on what’s happening with the interest rates. If interest rates go down, prices go up. If interest rates go up, prices go down… There is really not much that […]

How Will the Rise of Interest Rates Affect Real Estate?

The rise of interest rates is on everybody’s mind right now, and for good reason. The Federal Reserve has committed to bring down the 8.6% inflation rate to a normal level of 2-3% a year, and In order to accomplish that, the Federal Reserve opted to increase interest rates and reduce its balance sheet to […]