Is NOW a Good Time to Buy Real Estate?

A lot of people are wondering if NOW is a good time to buy Real Estate. Here is the truth…

Single family home prices largely depend on what’s happening with the interest rates. If interest rates go down, prices go up. If interest rates go up, prices go down…

There is really not much that you can do to control the value of the houses you buy. The “value” relies very heavily on what’s happening with the overall market more than anything else. With that said, I am a BIG believer in Real Estate investing…

I like to invest in assets where I have more control of the value. After searching for different assets to invest in, I eventually decided to go all in on Multifamily Real Estate investing where I can buy large apartment complexes, and here is why:

  • The value of the property largely depends on what’s called the Net Operating Income of the property, and if you can push the Net Operating Income up by improving the property, you can push the value up of the deal


  • There is less risk as you have more diversity with multiple units and multiple tenants, rather than owning a single family house with 1 unit, where if the tenant leaves, you lose 100% of your income


  • You can invest passively in deals and spend your time focusing on building your business or job without having to find deals, run the numbers, rehab properties, and manage deals yourself


  • You can build a passive stream of cash flow from the rent


  • You might also potentially be able to save a lot of money in taxes by taking advantage of depreciation. I have received hundreds of thousands of  dollars in depreciation because of my multifamily investments


We are seeing more opportunities now in Real Estate investing than ever before. Rents are growing very rapidly, and with our deep relationships with brokers in top performing markets in the US, we are getting a lot of deal flow for properties that fit our investment criteria. I am going all in on the right opportunities.

If you are interested in getting access to Multifamily investment opportunities that we will be putting out to our investors, click the link below to book a free call with me directly so that we can add you to our future email list for deals!

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