How Matt Turned $100k Real Estate Investment to $11k a Month of Passive Income

Find out how Matt used a $100k investment in Real Estate and turned it into $11k a month of passive income!

Matt is a mega successful Real Estate Agent & Flipper doing business across 10 states, and over time has learned the secrets to finding and acquiring the right properties both to flip and to invest in. This will be a live presentation + Q&A where we will find out:

  • How Matt Consistently Finds & Acquires OFF Market Deals at Below Market Pricing
  • What type of properties to buy for a long term hold to have both Appreciation & Cash Flow
  • Reasons to Flip a property for a quick profit Vs Keeping it long term
  • Biggest Mistakes to Avoid Doing That Cost Investors to Lose Thousands of Dollars on Deals
  • Plus a live Q&A

Real Estate is a relationship based business, so we welcome all levels of Real Estate investors – newbies and experienced to come and learn time-saving processes that will help you maximize your investments as well as build your network. Whether you’re looking for expert advice or simply want to connect with other like-minded individuals this is the meetup for you!

Join us at our Real Estate Investing – Bay Area Networking Meet-up!

Held at Residence Inn by Marriott San Jose North/Silicon Valley

656 America Center Ct, San Jose, CA 95002

August 21st 12:00 pm to 2:00 PM


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