Is NOW a Good Time to Buy Real Estate?

A lot of people are wondering if NOW is a good time to buy Real Estate. Here is the truth… Single family home prices largely depend on what’s happening with the interest rates. If interest rates go down, prices go up. If interest rates go up, prices go down… There is really not much that […]

Why Population Growth is Crucial In Real Estate Investing

It is often said that in Real Estate, choosing the right location is the most important choice you’ll make, and I couldn’t agree more. We all understand that, however, it’s usually left unclear as to what exactly a  “good” location looks like, as opposed to a bad location. When we speak of location, it’s important […]

Why Apartment Rents Are SKYROCKETING…

The median monthly asking apartment rents across the US exceeded $2,000 for the first time in May, with a 15% Year over Year growth in May, according to a recent report by Redfin. During times like this, it seems like just about everything is getting more and more expensive, which is just the reality of […]

What is a Real Estate Syndication?

A Real Estate Syndication is when a group of people put together their capital to buy a property.  Real Estate syndications tend to primarily focus on large assets that are normally out of reach for individual investors. The biggest benefit to investing in Real Estate syndications and funds is that as an investor, you get […]

Pros & Cons to Real Estate Syndications

In this article we will go over the pros and cons to investing in Real Estate Syndications. If you don’t know what a Real Estate syndication is, it is basically a form of investment strategy where a group of investors pool their money together to purchase a property, usually in Multifamily, Self Storage, Hotels, etc. […]

Top 10 Ways to Increase a Multifamily Property Income

Commercial Real Estate, including Multifamily apartments, are mainly valued by the Net Operating Income of the property, which is the net income before taxes, interest, and capital expenses.  Because of that, the higher you can increase your Net Operating Income, the higher valuation you will receive at time of resale. You can cut down on […]

How Will the Rise of Interest Rates Affect Real Estate?

The rise of interest rates is on everybody’s mind right now, and for good reason. The Federal Reserve has committed to bring down the 8.6% inflation rate to a normal level of 2-3% a year, and In order to accomplish that, the Federal Reserve opted to increase interest rates and reduce its balance sheet to […]

How to Use Inflation to Erase Your Debts

When we think about inflation, we always tend to first think of the negatives such as rising food costs, gas prices, etc., but what most of us don’t realize a lot of times is the benefit of inflation if we are positioned correctly to benefit from it. The effect of inflation ranges over a spectrum […]

What is a Value Add Opportunity in Real Estate?

When you delve into the world of Real Estate syndications, you will often come across deals labeled as “Value Add” deals, but what does that actually mean? Value add deals, as the name suggests, are properties where the new ownership group could go in and add value/force appreciation to the property by making physical or […]